About Us

The Absarokee Lending Library was founded in 2019. Our mission is to provide our local and neighboring communities with access to resources that further the legacy of reading, writing, and artistic expression. We are a registered 501(c)3 , non-profit organization. All donations to the library go into improving the services we offer and are tax deductible. 

What We Offer

We currently offer books, and dvd’s that can be checked out. A computer, WIFI, and a printer for public use as well. 

The Rosebud Room is a separate building that can be rented for meetings, seminars, and gatherings. 

With the help of donations and grants we plan to provide adult education classes, more computers for public use, an area where students can come to study or complete homework, and an improved children’s area. 

Board Members

  • William Pelton- Chairman
  • Roseanna Lohof- Vice Chair
  • Casie Williams- Treasurer
  • Jordan Hosford- Secretary
  • Ed Hamilton-Member
  • Diane Hamilton- Member
  • Jim Bretherick- Member